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Hello everybody!

The time has come to introduce you to our first full album. It will be released very soon, on 6 September to be precise, and it is called 'moon'. That's right, 'moon', with a small 'm'.

'moon' features 13 songs. Eleven of those songs are brand new. The other two you may know from the single I released in the beginning of 2019.

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Who is Appleby Ram?

Appleby Ram is basically an OMB, a One Man Band. One guy: Peter Stutterheim. He writes all the music and lyrics, and plays the music through a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and a bass guitar. All music is being recorded at the Stone Basement Studios in Kitchener, Ontario, and distributed through CD Baby.

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We're in Heaven!

Time Is Running Out Review

Time Is Running Out received a great review in the renowned Dutch popmagazine Heaven: "Refreshing", "The compositions are strong", "The songs...keep you entertained every step of the way", "a solid package". We're happy, you're happy. Click the link below and read the complete review

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Looking for something to show you're a fan? Buy one of our awesome t-shirts. They're only CAN$20 plus p&p. They come in three sizes: medium (M), large (L), and extra large (XL), and one colour (white). 100% cotton.

Or you can buy our CDs on Bandcamp. You can also download them on Bandcamp, CD Baby, and iTunes. Individual tracks are CAN$1 on Bandcamp and US$0.99 on CD Baby and iTunes.

You can listen to our music on the following streaming services:

24-7, 7digital, 8tracks, Akazoo, Amazon MP3, Anghami, Apple iTunes, AWA, Deezer, Google Music Store, iHeartRadio, iMusica, InProdicon, KDigital, KKBox, Kuack, Line Music, MediaNet, Napster, Pandora, Saavn, Shazam, Slacker Radio, SoundExchange, Spotify, Tidal, United Media Agengy (UMA), Yandex, YouTube Music.

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100% cotton, Fruit of the Loom®

Awesome t-shirt with the Appleby Ram logo printed on the front. Show you're a fan! They're only CAN$20 plus p&p. Buy one for a friend too!100% cotton, Fruit of the Loom®

CD (album)



  1. The Mighty Band (3:26)

  2. It's Rock and Roll (3:03)

  3. The Old Man and the Sea (4:14)

  4. Rich Someday (3:02)

  5. City Lights (2:42)

  6. Letter In the Mail (2:56)

  7. What I'm Talking About (3:21)

  8. Happy Birthday (1:30)

  9. Don't Be an Asshole (4:11)

  10. Boss Boss (4:46)

  11. Like Dying (3:08)

  12. Ham and Eggs (3:47)

  13. 4:33 (3:39)

Rehearsal Room

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