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Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Peter Stutterheim attended school there before joining the army, after which he went to university in Groningen to study Pharmacy. However, he saw his future in the computer business. He started a software company with a friend before starting his own software company. He developed several software titles that were reasonably successful, before he decided to go into retail. After having done that for a number of years, he made the choice to emigrate to Canada, where he married his present wife. They have two children together, two teenage boys.

Music has been a big part of Peter’s life for the most part, but he never really took it any further than listening. Rock ‘n’ roll, hard rock, punk, and new wave have been his favourite musical genres.

After another career change, to health care this time, and having done that for several years, Peter suddenly decided to pick up an instrument. He tells us that his first choice would have been drums, but that practical objections (size, neighbours) made him decide to opt for the electric bass instead. The rhythm and the low end, he says, is what drew him to this particular instrument. And the neighbours…

Along with the desire to learn how to play came the desire to actually do something with it. A lot of studying followed. Peter’s conclusion was that learning how to operate a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) was necessary for the next step: recording.

With the knowledge of how to operate a DAW, a whole new world opened. Suddenly, with the use of loops and MIDI, combined with real instruments, anything seemed possible, and Peter was now ready to start writing his own songs.

Only a few months later, at the end of 2018, Peter released his first EP, “Time Is Running Out”, through CD Baby, and another two months after that a single (with two songs, “Don’t Be an Asshole” and “It’s Rock and Roll”) came out.

Meanwhile, Peter has been working hard on his first full album which is going to be released on 6 September 2019, and is called “moon”.

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