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Time Is Running Out Review (English)

A translation into English of the original review, as published online on 24 April 2019 in the online version of the Dutch popmagazine Heaven

Appleby Ram: Time is Running Out

Harry Siers

24 April 2019

At the end of last year Appleby Ram released their first EP, titled Time Is Running Out. Peter Stutterheim, the man behind the name Appleby Ram, is a Dutchman who lives in Canada, and he is solely responsible for the music and the lyrics of the songs on his first album. Stutterheim’s music is refreshing. Rock ‘n’ roll without much intellectual nonsense. What you hear is what you get. The album opener is called Get a Doughnut. “Going through the drive-thru / That is what we all do / Tim Hortons to the rescue / Fifty folks in front of you”.

Appleby Ram’s lyrics are straightforward. In Radioman, the second song of the album, Stutterheim describes the joy of driving to work in your car, your hands drumming along with the music while you’re listening to the radio. “In mono or in stereo, I’m a radioman”. The compositions are strong. Six songs that are to-the-point and don’t waste any time. They show that Stutterheim has been listening carefully to his sources of inspirations from punk and rock: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, The Ramones.

With the use of samples and MIDI, Stutterheim creates a variety of sounds. Guitar, bass, piano, drums, and banjo are used effectively. The individual songs are different every time, keep you entertained every step of the way, and make for a solid package. My favourite: I Really Like The Ramones. Clear, sharp, nothing wrong with it. I’m sure Joey, Johnny, Tommy, and Dee Dee Ramone would have been pleased: “They came from New York City / And started off in Queens / Masters of the punk-rock / Rulers of the scene”. Chorus: “Nothing like The Beatles / Different from The Stones / I really, really, really, really like The Ramones”.

Appleby Ram is working hard on their next release, an album made entirely out of new material, which is due to be released this fall. Appleby Ram’s motto seems to be: Don’t dick around, just play! Listen to Time Is Running Out on Bandcamp:

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